Wishing everyone a wonderful new year from us here at Golden Glen Kennels. We will be closing early on Tuesday 12/31/13. Our hours will be 9am-12noon and we will be closed on Wednesday 1/1/14 for pick ups and drop offs. We will reopen Thursday 1/2/14 at 10am.

Best wishes for 2014,



16 thoughts on “HERE’S THE LATEST

    1. Dave & Linda Frisbee

      We are SO happy you finally got your website up and running. We would never think of leaving our precious black Lab with anyone else, as you go over and above board to make her comfortable. She never shows any signs of stress when she comes home and that means so much. We never have to worry about her well-being when we go out of town.

      Kudos to you and keep up the excellent work!

  1. Dave & Linda Frisbee

    We’re SO glad you finally got your website up and running! Dave and I would never think of taking our precious black Lab to anyone else. Your care and special attention means so much to us when we are our of town. Sweetie looks forward to her stays and shown no signs of stress when she comes back home!

    Kudos and keep up the great work!

  2. Michelle & Bill Schultz

    Love the new Web page! Yes, we even found the picture of our Shetland Sheepdog (Shelty) Roxy, enjoying one of her Long Walks that she loves so much! Thanks Rhonda for the friendly service and for years of taking care of our dog while we vacation! It”s so nice knowing she is well cared for while we are away. We also love the spectacular views from your property.

    Blessings on your family & business

  3. Tom & Adrienne Campbell

    We love Golden Glen Kennels! Our chocolate lab Sasha has been coming to Golden Glen since 2010. We went to Europe and needed a kennel for Sasha for 23 days. We asked around and GGK came highly recommended by Margie S. We tried it out and have never left Sasha home alone since. Our dog gets so excited as soon as we turn onto the driveway. We travel quite a bit and Rhonda always has room for our pup. Our dog is like our child and I’m so thankful to have someone who loves animals take care of our baby. It gives me such great peace of mind. Our dog has spent over 50 nights here and always comes home happy. Never any signs of abuse, malnutrition, or injuries from other dogs. Thanks so much! We love your place 🙂

  4. Ruth Deike

    Hank, our princely dog, and his buddy Samantha have been coming to your wonderful place for several years. We all love you and your golden glen! Thank you so much.

  5. Lisa Williams

    I have been a Golden Glen Kennels customer for years bringing my dogs Bosco for 7 years and our new dog Pickles for about 6 months. I trust the staff with my “boys” and I am VERY picky about who will watch my animals. I never have an issue with GGK. My boys no longer say good-bye to me as they walk in their door and follow them to their kennels never looking back. I am very happy that my boys are as comfortable with GGK as I am. I am also very happy that GGK takes the updated vaccines very seriously. Not once have I had to deal with Kennel Cough with my dogs. They are vaccinated and so are the other guests at their facility. Thank you for having strict rules on that.

  6. Tammy and Neil McCoy

    We have been bringing our dog Jack to GGK for many years, and have now added Harley to the stays. We have trusted our little family to Rhonda and her staff and have always been 100% satisfied. We love the clean facility and our dogs are always happy to greet Miss Rhonda. She has always made room for our dogs even on short notice. We will continue to use GGK as long as she will have our little critters.

  7. Patty Montenegro

    Love the website! You’re now living in the “modern age.” One suggestion: you might want to have 2 separate reservation categories for dogs: one for smaller dogs (with a weight range), and one for bigger dogs (with a weight range). That way when people see that there are 8 spots available, they’ll know specifically if their size dog has a spot available or not. Just a thought.

    As you already know, I absolutely LOVE Golden Glen Kennels! My dogs have always seen it as their “home away from home.” It’s so strange…they’re SO excited to go there EVERY SINGLE TIME! But when I come to pick them up, they’re also thrilled to see me! So, it’s a definite “win-win” for everyone. Thanks Golden Glen Kennels for being a place where I can leave my dogs and not have to worry about whether or not they’re being well cared for. You’re amazing!

    Patty Montenegro, Anderson

  8. Lauralee Nash

    Goldenglen is awesome. They are very nice people. My German shepherd Kiezer did very well there. Already have reservations for Kiezer’s next stay there.

  9. Emma Peeters

    We have been bringing Cooper here since we moved up here ..great place & great staff Rhonda!! Now we have PJ Coopers little sissy & she’ll be staying there as soon we can go out again..

  10. Cheryl Jackson

    When I first got my 75# high anxiety dog, I wondered if I would ever be able to take a trip anywhere again. On the reccomendation of a friend, I placed her at Golden Glen Kennels. I was very pleased with her stay and with the positive responses from the staff. Now, she bounces into the building as if to say, ‘I’m here again! Yay!” Even my cat got a stay recently. I’ts great to have a safe comfortable happy place for my pets.

  11. Janice H Kay

    Golden Glen Kennels is a nice place to board your dogs. My husband and I never worry about our fur babies while on vacation. We have left as much as 6 dogs in her care for about 19 years now and there has never been a problem boarding them in Rhonda’s care. She provides good cooling in the summer and even pools and misting in the doggy yards. Her prices are reasonable but her care is most important and it has always been above and beyond. Just like worrying about your kids we worry about our furry kids but you don’t have to worry about them with Rhonda. Thanks Rhonda for always keeping our 4 legged babies comfortable and safe so we can enjoy our time away with rest and no worries. You have been great.

  12. Mickey Langley

    Love this place and how they treat my dogs. Thank you for being there when our little family needs you!

  13. Chris and Bright Stock

    The BEST and ONLY place we will leave our dogs! Ronda is the VERY BEST caretaker and loves our dogs just like her own! We feel so fortunate to have this amazing place to leave our fur babies knowing they will be VERY WELL cared for and we don’t have to worry about them:-)

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